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A full-featured, easy to use investment management system … simply record your investment transactions and instantly create reports for analyzing your portfolio holdings & preparing your tax filings.

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Product Capabilities

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  • Common and preferred stocks
  • Mutual funds, options, and warrants
  • Bonds, T-bills & other fixed income instruments
  • Dividends,interest income, capital gain distributions
  • Interest expense and withholding taxes
  • Mutual fund distributions and reinvestments
  • Special ACB adjustments and stock splits
  • Records and converts foreign currency denominated securities.
  • Reports for viewing your: Portfolio,Transaction history, Capital gains (including tax reporting and Account Information

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Special Features

  • Ideal for accountants and financial advisors, for managing both your and clients investments and produce the reports needed
  • Permits users to create multiple portfolios on the system and allows each individual portfolio to have a multiple number of brokerage accounts
  • All income and capital gains calculated in accordance with Canadian income tax laws
  • This program allows you to update stock prices manually or import from an external source
  • Password Security
  • Record multiple foreign currency exchange rates
  • Free email technical support