Take the complexity out of Investment Portfolio Management

You will no longer need to use cumbersome paper systems or excel spreadsheets. All the formulas are built-in to the system to take the complexity out of portfolio tracking, valuation, and investor reporting. This will save you innumerable hours throughout the year to get the information you need from your investment holdings.

  • Support Diverse Portfolios

    Support Diverse Portfolios

    Full range of Financial Instruments and Asset Classes, including private equity

  • Consolidate Investment Reporting

    Consolidate Investment Reporting

    Consolidate investments from multiple brokers, multiple accounts and private funds

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Multi-Currency Support

    Record transactions in foreign accounts and system will correctly convert to Canadian dollars

  • Automate Manual Processes

    Automate Manual Processes

    Eliminate repetitive tasks, version errors & data inconsistencies

  • Replace Excel Spreadsheets

    Replace Excel Spreadsheets

    Daily security pricing, portfolio valuation & reporting all in one spot

  • Technical Support Included

    Technical Support Included

    Free telephone and email technical support

    For individual Investors and Investment Management Professionals

    DIY Investors
    Accounting Offices
    Private Equity Funds
    Wealth Managers

    Whether you are a Do-It-Yourself investor, a professional accountant working on behalf of your clients, or a small private equity firm, you will benefit from the power of Trader's Edge. Replace spreadsheets and manual processes with an online application that takes trades from multiple sources, creates portfolio reports, calculates income and capital gains, and consolidates your various broker accounts all in one place.

    Features for Portfolio Management • Accounting • Valuation • Reporting

    Record over 30 Transaction Types

    • Buying and selling of securities
    • Dividends - eligible and non-eligible
    • Interest income - foreign and domestic
    • Capital gain distributions
    • Interest expense and withholding taxes
    • Mutual fund distributions & reinvestments
    • Special ACB adjustments and stock splits

    Track most Financial Instruments

    • Common and preferred stocks
    • Mutual funds, options, and warrants
    • Bonds, T-bills & fixed income
    • Private equity shares
    • Limited partnership units
    • Private mortgages
    • Real estate

    Run Reports On Demand

    • Portfolio, Transactions, Continuity
    • Capital Gains, Foreign Income, T1135
    • Convert foreign currency securities to CAD
    • Comply with Canadian tax reporting needs
    • Filter by Dates, Accounts, Securities …
    • Export to PDF, Excel, and CSV
    Proudly serving the Canadian Investor Community since 1995

    Made in Canada

    For Canadians by Canadians. Designed by a Canadian Chartered Accountant and marketed to the Canadian investor community for over 20 years, Traders Edge has proven to be the best tool for do it yourself independent investors and as well as professional advisors to organize and manage their increasingly complex investor portfolios.

    Free Canadian Phone & Email Technical Support


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  • 1 Investment Portfolio
  • Free 25 Trades
  • Assets < $ 2 Million
  • Upgrade Anytime




  • 1 Investment Portfolio
  • 5,000 Transactions Max
  • Assets < $ 2 Million
  • **Annual Plan Available




  • 3 Investment Portfolios
  • 10,000 Transactions Max
  • Assets < $ 5 Million
  • **Annual Plan Available




  • 10 Investment Portfolios
  • 25,000 Transactions Max
  • Assets < $ 10 Million
  • **Annual Plan Available