Portfolio Management for Canadian accountants & financial advisors
Manage client investments & generate professional reports

Simple, easy to use, and designed by a Canadian Chartered Accountant

  • Up to 10 Investor Portfolios

    Up to 10 Investor Portfolios

    Enter all the brokerage accounts, securities, and trades you need.

  • Full Range of Financial Instruments

    Full Range of Financial Instruments

    Stocks, bonds, funds, options, dividends ... see the full list.

  • Multi-Currency Support

    Multi-Currency Support

    Record transactions with multiple foreign currency exchange rates.

  • Custom Stock Pricing

    Custom Stock Pricing

    Use our professional pricing data or enter stock prices manually.

  • Critical Reports

    Critical Reports

    Portfolio,Transaction history, Capital gains, and more.

  • Income & Capital Gains

    Income & Capital Gains

    Calculated in accordance with Canadian income tax laws.